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Triton Seafood by Chef Marvin Cerda


Chef Marvin Cerda

Chef Marvin Cerda, a Nicaraguan-born American chef, has an inspiring culinary journey that began in his family’s restaurant, where he honed his skills at a young age. As a refugee in the United States in 1983, he found a new path within an Italian restaurant, Villa Italia, discovering a deep passion for cooking. 

His talent quickly gained recognition, leading him to earn a culinary arts diploma in Brooklyn and excel in French cuisine. Settling in Miami, Chef Marvin left his mark at renowned restaurants in Coral Gables before embarking on a new chapter in the picturesque Florida Keys.

In 2017, Chef Marvin and his wife Juanita Sanchez realized their dream by founding the Triton Seafood Restaurant, where he showcased his exclusive culinary creations. His dishes, like Lobster with Vodka Rigatoni and whole fried fish, amazed diners with their sophisticated fusion of flavors. 

In his kitchen, Chef Marvin’s attention to detail and heartfelt approach transformed each ingredient into a delightful symphony of aromas and textures. Every dish became a magical journey, leaving a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to taste his exquisite creations.

Chef Marvin Cerda’s story is a testament to passion and perseverance, transcending barriers and borders.

Triton Seafood Restaurant became a gastronomic beacon in the Florida Keys, captivating diners with dishes of indescribable beauty. Through his talent and dedication, Chef Marvin shared the essence of his journey, leaving an indelible mark on every diner who had the privilege of savoring his exceptional cuisine.